Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Today is our Christmas Day

The girls are going to their Dad's for Christmas again - boo hoo - so we had our Christmas Day today. His daughter - now 19 - was also here for the day, so we got up, exchanged presents, had Christmas lunch, just like it was the real thing.
The present giving was good, though it was a little fraught at times as He tried to overlay his instructions onto the proceedings, but I pushed back, and my way prevailed in the main.
Then after lunch, as we sat there talking, the girls and I got a bit giddy, making each other laugh, and it seemed that the more we laughed, the more stony-faced He and his daughter looked. We carried on regardless. He snapped at my younger one as he got up, demanding that she get up and help clear up, but again I intervened, suggesting we clear up after we'd been for a walk. By the time we left, He and his daughter were already walking 20 paces behind us.
We didn't care. My daughters and I walked, talked and laughed together, and when I looked back, they were almost out of sight.
Then my big girl turned to me and asked, "Are you going to leave him, Mum?"
"I might", I replied.
"What?!" they both exclaimed, shocked. It was the first time I'd admitted that it was possible......

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