Thursday, 20 May 2010

Basic needs in a relationship - an eyeopener

Thanks to one of my lovely Twitter friends, I came across this site: Needs in Relationships

Basic Needs in Relationships - This article really makes me think about what I'm putting up with right now. These are the needs I don't have in my marriage:
  • The need for emotional support.
  • The need to be heard by the other and to be responded to with respect and acceptance
  • The need to have your own view, even if others have a different view.
  • The need to have your feelings and experience acknowledged as real.
  • The need to receive a sincere apology for any jokes or actions you find offensive.
  • The need to for freedom from accusation, interrogation and blame.
  • The need to live free from criticism and judgment.
  • The need to have your work and your interests respected.
  • The need for freedom from emotional and physical threat.
  • The need for freedom from from angry outburst and rage.
  • The need for freedom from labels which devalue you.
  • The need to be respectfully asked rather than ordered.
  • The need to have your final decisions accepted.
  • The need for privacy at times.
That's a very daunting list. To try to improve the marriage right now seems impossible.

I wonder what he'd do if I showed him this list?

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