Monday, 17 May 2010

Double standards

(His, not mine.)

Eldest daughter (his, not mine) is at college, and not doing too well. We had a meet today with the course leader to find out what we could do to help her. She's apparently unmotivated and behind with her work. She's also not doing her chores at home, I wanted to say, but I didn't.
When we got home, littlest daughter (mine, not his) came home and was practically read the riot act, made to do her chore and found some homework to do, in spite of not having any. All at his instigation.
What did eldest daughter do then, I hear you ask? She went out to see her friends for the evening. No chore done; no college work done.
I don't mind, really I don't. But I do mind hypocrisy - I mind that a lot. I'm probably even more sensitive to it when it's my daughter who seems to bear the brunt.

This isn't the first time, and nor will it be the last. Trying to get him to see his double standards always results in either a blow-out (no thanks) or else a big sulk (we're experiencing this right now).

And so we battle on, my girls and me.


  1. Why are you battling on? Do you think he will change? That things will get better? Really?

    You know the answer.

  2. other than the idea that a grown adult can make their own decisions (unless it's your money involved), it does come across pretty odd that he took his frustration out on your daughter, by making her do what he wanted the eldest child to do.

    just more symptoms of the same problem, is what I see. He sounds like a man who has very little control over his own life, so he trys to control others (same idea as a bully) and will use all range of emotions to manipulate and persuade others in his circle.